Safety and Health Policy

We at Prefab Projects are always aware that the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and visitors come first. To do this we will always ensure that the appropriate and applicable Legislation of the country we are working in is complied with.

On sites and projects controlled by other parties, we will always comply with the statutory requirements, industry standards, codes of practice, and the Health and safety code of the responsible party.

We strive to achieve an Incident and Injury-free environment and ensure that projects are free of incidents. To ensure that a safe and healthy environment occurs, it is our company policy to –

  • Provide safety training to all our employees.
  • Give daily safety toolbox talks on various day-to-day safety tips.
  • Provide a safe working environment.
  • Ensure that all vehicles, plants, tools, and equipment are in good and safe working order.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the risks associated with their particular scope of work and that they have been trained in the safe execution of the task.
  • Co-operate at all times with the demands and instructions of relevant safety officers and procedures.
  • Ensure that our safety management system evolves and remains relevant to all current industry standards, changes, and new interventions.
  • Work towards “Zero Tolerance” and the elimination of any injury downtime.
  • Management to take the ultimate responsibility to create a safe working environment and to ensure that all safety regulations and procedures are “lived” and adhered to.

Environmental Policy

Prefab Projects as a company and all its employees are very aware of our environment and the necessity to keep it clean, pure, and natural. We operate in many remote sites and have therefore seen first-hand the beauty of a natural environment and also the subsequent destruction of that environment when humankind pays scant regard to it.

We therefore will always ensure that our work environment and our practices are complimentary to ensuring we operate in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. To this end, we ensure the following –

  • Good site Waste management and responsible disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Control of emissions and eradication thereof.
  • Use of environmentally approved chemicals and products.
  • Carefully manage all site clearing to ensure the natural habitat is not destroyed.
  • Trees are paramount and we endeavor to operate around them.
  • Maintain our plant and equipment to levels that ensure they emit as few emissions as possible.
  • Ensure that all wastewater is free of any hazardous substances.
  • All hazardous substances are stored, managed, and controlled in a separate safe controlled storage area.
  • Operate fully with and under the Environmental procedures and practices of the relevant project authority.
  • Endeavor to only supply material that benefits the environment.
  • Keep our staff aware of good environmental practices.